Focus Cloud – 24/7 Episode #7 – Getting the Workday Ecosystem back to Work!

Are you looking for roles in the Workday ecosystem? Not sure where to look? Need some insights from people in the know? Get in touch with the Focus Cloud team!

In this session, we’ll be addressing several topics around hiring and applying for Workday® jobs post COVID-19 including:

* Hiring similarities and differences between the UK, Europe and US
* Current frustrations in the ecosystem
* Hiring trends and predictions
* Tips for those searching for roles

Joining us for this webinar is Michael Ruiz!

Michael is a Workday® Recruitment Manager for Kainos, North America, based in Atlanta. He has been in the Workday® Recruitment space for five years. During that time, Michael has worked with the Partner and agency side so has experienced the Workday® ecosystem from an in house perspective.

Some of you may already be familiar with Michael – he has a ‘Workday® Tip of the Day’ and also hosts The Workday® Recruiter Podcast.

Michael brings extensive Workday® recruitment knowledge to this webinar. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Michael questions throughout the session. Once you register, you will also be able to submit your questions for Michael in advance, guaranteeing they’re answered during the webinar (recommended).