Simon Hill

Workday Recruitment Team Manager - UK

Simon has been with Focus on WD for 4 years and holds the role of Workday UK Team Manager.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry, Simon’s exemplary reputation precedes him. His understanding of the Workday ecosystem is faultless, and he is meticulous in his approach to placing the best talent within the organisations he works with. Simon consults at every stage of the recruitment process, offering advice and insight on how to approach resource requirements for a client, and becoming an invaluable career coach to the candidates he works with. His record of successful placements is impeccable, usually managed within a short time (he’s been known to see the recruitment process through end-to-end in less than 24 working hours!).

Simon and his team focus on finding the UK’s top Workday talent for Partners and End-Users, so get in touch if you’d like an expert consultation on your team requirements, or your Workday career.

Interesting Fact: Simon is a distant relation of an ACTUAL Pirate of the Caribbean – which explains his penchant for Rum!