Laura Jarvie

Senior Workday Recruitment Specialist

Workday – all day and every day.

Laura has specialised and still focuses solely on supplying high calibre Workday candidates to organisations across the UK, Europe & APAC region on a contract, interim, permanent and retained basis.

She prides herself on delivering an unrivalled, exceptional service. Laura has a deep understanding of the sector she operates in, and an extensive network of clients and candidates that she has built and maintained throughout her career. She makes sure hiring through her will be an easy and pleasing process, and that all parties remain happy throughout.

So let’s talk Workday! Laura is more than happy to have a conversation with anybody in the Workday space, whether you are looking for a new opportunity yourself or you are looking for a new addition to your Workday project. She can certainly help you out, so please do get in touch!