Workday® End user - Contract Solution

During the last quarter of 2018 we were approached by an organisation based in London. They had heard of our work and the network we have access to, so reached out regarding the need for several urgent contract requirements.

We initially begun by building a full idea of their project so far, the future of the project and their business critical requirements for the project. It became apparent that the client would need at least 3 contract individuals immediately to ensure the project continued its predicted trajectory and prevent any expensive hold ups.

We got to work straight away with our specialist UK based team engaging those in their network. They initially shortlisted, screened, and sent over 6 suitable Workday® contract candidates within 48 hours. All candidates were suitable for the role and it just came down to preference for the client. 3 of these Candidates were then taken through the process and offered 6 month Contracts with a view to extending further.

The whole process including the starting of each contractor took no more than 10 weeks. This may seem like a long time in the contracting world however this client was switched on from the beginning and new when they would need their contractors to start to ensure the smooth running of their project.

Being able to have an honest conversation regarding the timelines of the project enable a clear and transparent line of communication between us which can help us to effectivly inform the client and act in more of a consulting manor.