Workday® Consulting Partner – Contractors Solution

At the beginning of 2018 we were tasked with building the practice of one of the largest consulting partners on the planet. The client had begun by winning several large projects in Europe but had a lack of Workday® professionals to work on them.

When we were introduced to the client they had been covering their existing projects by pulling existing contractors over from the US. This was both expensive and time consuming whilst pushing their current staff levels to a maximum activity level.

The client was in urgent need for the situation to be resolved and needed to prevent the disruption of multiple global Workday® role outs. Focus on WD initially begun by creating a detailed list of all their requirements and mapping out all known Workday® professionals on the market at that time. It was immediately recognised that they would need many contractors in the interim to cover the projects they had either on going or starting imminently with a view to hire permanent Workday® professionals for a long-term solution.

The Focus on WD team begun sourcing a range of candidates to cover all types of Workday® positions and specialities for contract employment. Once we had put out the immediate fire and created breathing space for the client and their projects, we began to initiate the next phase of the strategy. This was to ensure we filled the gaps with permanent members of Workday® professionals ensuring longevity and the ability to plan further ahead for the client.

Throughout 2018 the client has gone on to make over 30 hires via Focus on WD in both the contract and permanent space. As well as converting contractors into permanent members of staff.

Our involvement in this case has been crucial to one of the global power houses building and sustaining their new European Workday® practice. We were able to ensure many projects continued as usual and were not affected by the potential disruption that a lack of resources could cause. Therefore, saving time and money for multiple End users.