End User Permanent Placement Solution

During the middle of 2018 we entered into a partnership with a Nordics company that had begun an implementation of Workday® Financials. Upon entering into these conversations it was clear that the project was in disarray. There was a lack of leadership on the project and internal stakeholders hadn’t begun to adopt the new Workday® system.

They needed support before the project was held up even further. We needed to get the project back on track.

We initially had conversations with the client around what their specific needs and how we could rescue this project with them. We instantly identified their what was required and highlighted a need for a Financials Project Manager / Business Analyst. This was a crucial part of the puzzle, as it would enable them to evaluate the system as it was and start to drive the adoption from the internal stakeholders.

We know that Workday® Financials is (Relative to HCM) still in its infancy, therefore finding someone in the Nordic region was always going to be a challenge. However, with some persistence and development of our own networks in the region, we managed to find one of very few that could fill the void. This individual would prove vital to the organisation and the project.

From engagement to solution within a 3-month turnaround – Including the hire’s notice period and starting the role.

Such a swift turnaround on such an important project has been business critical to the client. Without our swift action and deep understanding of the market the client would have continued to limp through the project without a clear direction.

This has undoubtably saved the business an enormous amount of money in the long run and ensure they were able to get their Financials project back on track.